Woman Says ‘I Love You’ To Pet Dog And He Immediately Says ‘I Love You’ Back

June 22, 2018

While my younger dog has learned the names of his specific toys and understands more than I ever thought a dog could, my older dog has become increasingly deaf in the past few years. While she doesn’t hear me anymore, she watches carefully for body language and the few hand gestures that I have taught her. Pretty smart, right?

The adorable little dog in this video is also super smart. Dressed in his little sweater, his mom plays with him in front of the video camera. Then, she tells him “I love you.” Immediately, he responds with an “I love you” of his own! She can’t stop giggling and assumes it must have been a coincidence. She immediately says “I love you” again, and again, he responds with a little bark.

It would be wonderful if we could always understand what our dogs are saying to us. This little guy is doing his best to be heard.

Watch the cute conversation in the video below. Please like and share!

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